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[Chung, Seoyoung]
The Lookout; Objects by Chung Seo-Young

The double imagery of Sculpture with a view and a bad View implies that the familiar can easily shift to the foreign or vice versa. As in this particular work, Chung Seo-Young's oeuvre is simultaneously familiar and alien. But the alienation differs from the conventional art practices wherein either shock is used to jolt the viewer/reader out of habitual modes of perception, to establish a critical distance, or to advocate the purity of experience. Her work is not an apparent shock to the viewer but instead it jettisons the viewer into a 'post-shock state' where the first impact has already been absorbed.

The trained acceptance of result that is not all that startling - would be due to boredom - that sentiment at the very heart of capitalism. In the work titled -Awe, the object(in this instance, a character) is turned into a sign and aestheticized and it becomes a mechanism that does the reverse; by retaining the object or ma... more info>>
[2004-09-18 ~ 2004-10-12]
Global Priority in Korea
[2004-09-03 ~ 2004-09-14]
Island Adventure
[2001-11-07 ~ 2001-11-20]
Kim, Woo-Sung solo exhibition
[2001-10-26 ~ 2001-11-06]
the Machine
[2001-10-10 ~ 2001-10-23]
animals | episode 1
[2001-09-26 ~ 2001-10-09]
woman & space, woman & time
[2001-09-19 ~ 2001-09-25]
Now, I am : Group show of Hankyoreh Illustrantion School
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