school: special lecture #3 - The Cityscape As Reconstructing One's Self-Existence
Creating Alternative Cityspace
Date: Oct. 3rd, Sunday 3pm
Venue: Gugi Salon, art space pool 1F
Lecturer: Cho Kyung-Mann (Professor, Cultural Anthropology, Mokpo National University)  
For this time at the pool school's special lecture series, the cultural anthropologist Cho Kyung-mann is invited to talk about The Cityscape As Reconstructing One's Self-Existence. In human civilization, the environment has been treated as the one to conquer for realizing the ideal of city development or the subject to gain some consolation for "behind the scenes". Throughout the varied thoughts about the significance of environment in both western and eastern worlds, of course, human has reached to the perspective for the peaceful coexistence with environment, rather than reflecting the 'otherness' into her. Nevertheless, aside from the innumerable theoretical efforts, there appears to have continuous worries how to build up the companionship with environment: the artificial landscape accompanied by the civil construction, the contrived public parks & facilities, the abandoned community kichen gardens, etc. In this program, art space pool likes to share the alternative ideas about practical and feasible companionship with environment to reconstruct one's self-existence. The contemporary community members are living in the city environment such as tree-lined streets, parks, buildings, rooftops, half-basement rooms, etc., which addresses the hiatuses between competative development and nostalgic nature. In relation to the upcoming pool production of the next year, Sandra Eula Lee(, art space pool invites everyone to this special occasion for blooming the ideas about art as a social creation and coexistence.
Lecturer_Cho Kyung-Mann. Cultural Anthropologist. B.F.A. at College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University. M.A. and Ph.D at College of Anthropology, SNU. He has mainly studied on the human experience in the environments of aboriginal societies in the southwestern part of Korea and Stolo of Canada, the eco community and alternative education, the cultural adaptation, etc. His publication includes and (co-authored). Current member of Man and the Biosphere(MAB) at UNESCO Korea, Asia Committee Member at the Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia, Canada. Past forum member of Hub City of Asian Culture Gwangju 2010 Exhibition Contents Development and Management Program Study.
Artist_Sandra Eula Lee is a Korean-American artist, born in NJ and based in New York. She is the recipient of an Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Studio Fellowship, a Manhattan Community Art Fund Grant from the LMCC, and an Asian Cultural Council Fellowship, among others. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally, including venues in New York, Seoul, Berlin, Milan, Rome, and recently in Mumbai, India. She is a 2010 recipient of a residency provided by the Seoul Museum of Art and has been invited to be a resident artist at the Chinese-European Art Center in Xiamen, China and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, NY in 2011.
Participation Fee_10,000 KRW
Free program for pool members. Participantion fee can be applied to the pool membership.
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