ccuull pool


ccuull, meaning honey in English, is a complex cultural space (representative Choi Jung-hwa) and newly opens with the pool season opening exhibition. Following up his previous trial of ‘Sal Bar’ (1996-2008) for practical engagement with art and social system, the artist Choi Jung-hwa, once again organizes his perspective for restoring the relationship between arts and everyday life. The physical space of ccul has preserved an original building structures, which were once used for a collective of local stores: such as a Chinese restaurant, a rice store, a flower shop, a photo processing lab and a residence for office staffs. Replaced by newly designed spots within the whole space, there are Hannam bar, Gaseum Lounge, Gaseum Residence and Kkot-bbang and “ccuull pool 꿀풀, meaning honey grass in English (art experimental project space of pool)”. Ccuull, therefore is a reversed art museum where actualize the artist’s statement by Choi Jung-hwa: “Aesthetic intention of civilians and a balance. Process is more important than the result. Give them a chance and copy them. Practice everyday life. Everyday life is the present stage for art. A battlefield.”


ccuull pool

According to the above context, pool is going to organize the project space “ccuull pool” in ccuull, wherein the co-curatorial partnership is established. Ccuull pool is not an arts residence, a gallery, a show room, a curatorial office, a studio nor an art shop, but only a mixed space combining all of above characteristics. Allowing the cultural producers to be gathered together, their working process, works, livelihood cooperative activities and all of their encounters will be unfolded here.


Ccuull pool attempts to problematize the gap between the labor as arts production and the labor as livelihood, which cannot postpone or disguise any more for cultural producers from the art production scenes. How can we then connect a labor as livelihood as a labor as arts production, to create another form of art production? Or, how can the ordinary labor be creative without being labeled as ‘creation’ and also, how can they imagine their own creative curatorship? Alternatively suggesting so-called ‘informal’ kinds of labor by cultural producers whom frequently deals both kinds of labors, ccuull pool project is going to untie the realistic question about their reality between art, everyday life and art production. This attempt must be an urgent question toward the reality where we are living now: for changing the cultural producer’s concept about the labor as livelihood, how can we encourage the labor to flow into a kind of creative production or another potential work, and what labors as livelihood can be reproduced as a potential art work.


Ccuull pool will change the awareness about surviving-type labor of culture producers, and throw very realistic and desperate questions of whether there is a way to induce that labor to creative work or another potential work, and what kind of the surviving-type labors are there that can be transformed into potential work.


ccuull address

683-31 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Gaseum Lounge
office : 070 4127 6468


ccuull pool project detail


Date: 2010. 04. 16. Fri. - 09.30 A.M (1st ccuull pool project Tue.-Sun. 12:30 – 21:00 / ccuull Closed on Mondays)

Invited Artists for 1st ccuull pool project: Kwon Yong-ju, Kim Sang-don, Kim Sang-jin, Kim Hong-bin, Kim Hyung-kwan, Yoon Ji-won, Lee Soo-sung, Lim Jung-kyu

Invited Artists for ccuull: Kim Hyung-kwan, Park Byung-choon, Motoe, Shin Eun-kyoung


Exterior view of ccuull (683-31 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu)
Interior of Gaseum Lounge and Collection of art works by Choi Jung-hwa, photographed by Sangdon Kim
Exterior view of ccuull pool, 2010, photographed by Sangdon Kim
Interior of the semi-basement floor of ccuull pool, 2010, photographed by Sangdon Kim
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